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Frequently asked questions

Previously known as mobile homes, static caravans or perhaps even “prefabs”, the modern park home is essentially a timber framed building with a steel chassis built in a factory environment. Once construction is complete the home is transported (usually in two pieces) to the resident’s park of choice where it is “sited” by a team of professional siters. The park home is sited on a concrete base which will have been constructed prior to delivery of the home.

Siting of the home involves aligning the two parts of the home if it’s a twin unit, while a single unit will come in one piece. The home is supported underneath by steel jacks, which are adjusted to ensure the home is well supported and level. The water, electricity and gas supply are then connected and the boiler and other appliances commissioned.

The home will then have a decorative brick skirt and steps built around its perimeter. The style and finish of the steps can be discussed and customised with your sales representative.

Yes! Turners Parks Group work with a number of park home manufacturers, including Omar, Pathfinder, Prestige and Tingdene, to give our residents the freedom to design and build a new home to their exact specifications.

Your park home can be customised in every way. The layout can be altered to best suit your needs and every aspect of internal decoration – right down to the cushions on the sofa – is up to you. Your chosen manufacturer and your Turners Parks Group sales representative will be on hand to help you understand all the options as you design your dream home. Click here to find out more

Yes! We have stock homes available on most of our parks which can be viewed with one of our sales representatives or area managers at a time that’s convenient for you. Once you find the home for you, you can purchase it as you would any other property. Click here to browse homes for sale

The value for money a park home offers is one of the many reasons our residents tell us they wish they had made the move to one of our parks earlier. Every home is different, but as a rule the vast majority of park homes include all kitchen appliances, built-in furniture throughout, sofas, dining tables and even all soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and bed linen. It really is as simple as moving in with your personal belongings and clothing – everything else is ready and waiting for you!

The plot your park home stands on will also usually include a block-paved or tarmac car parking space. Any parking provision will be clearly stated on the property particulars.

All Turners Parks Group homes also include a 5ft x 7ft Asgard metal shed with a 10-year guarantee.

Yes. Once you have completed on the purchase of your park home from Turners Parks Group, you own your home. The concrete base and plot on which the home is sited (the pitch) remains in the ownership of the park owner. A homeowner will be entitled to site their park home on the pitch subject to a Mobile Homes Act 1983 Written Statement (see below).

The Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended, provides that any person entitled to site a mobile home (whether new or second-hand) on a residential park for the purpose of occupying the home as their main or only residence must be given a Written Statement. This Written Statement will contain the rights and obligations of both the resident and the park owner, such as the obligation to pay a pitch fee.

Further information can be found on the LEASE website If you would like to see exactly what the Written Statement covers, you can view an example by clicking here.

All homes on a residential park can be lived in throughout the year, just like a traditional bricks-and-mortar home.

An annual pitch fee is charged by the park owner for the occupation of the pitch. This pitch fee pays for the maintenance of things like the park’s infrastructure, communal areas, mains services and street lighting. This pitch fee also encompasses other charges incurred by the park owner, for example insurance.

Pitch fees are usually paid in monthly instalments. We offer a range of payment options to suit your needs. Direct Debit, standing order and telephone payments taken via credit or debit card are the most common methods of payment.

Your pitch fee will be reviewed annually. At least 28 clear days before the review, we will send you written notice together with a pitch fee review form detailing the proposed increase or decrease of the pitch fee. The pitch fee will be reviewed upon consideration of the provisions contained within the Mobile Homes Act 1983, such as a percentage increase or decrease in the appropriate retail prices index (RPI).

You will also need to pay for the electricity, gas and water you use, just as you would in a bricks-and-mortar home. How this is handled will depend on the arrangements at each individual park.

On some of our parks, residents pay all utility charges directly to their electricity, gas and water providers. On other parks, utilities are managed centrally and residents are charged from our Head Office, in accordance with the relevant legislation. Precise details of any charges additional to the pitch fee will be contained within your Mobile Homes Act 1983 Written Statement.

The payment arrangements for utilities on each of our parks is detailed in the information sheets available on the individual park homepages. Click here to find the park you’re interested in. This information is also shown in the listings for each individual plot currently for sale.

Yes. Council tax is payable as it would be for a traditional bricks-and-mortar home. However, the banding of park homes is generally low, so you may well find the monthly payment is less than you have been paying. The amount of council tax payable is shown in the listings for each individual plot currently for sale. Click here to start browsing available plots.

Each of our parks has its own set of rules, designed to encourage a quiet, safe, secure and pleasant environment for all our residents. These rules will form part of your Mobile Homes Act 1983 Written Statement and can be viewed and downloaded from the individual park homepages. Click here to find the park you’re interested in.

When selling your park home, you will be required to follow a set procedure contained within the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended. The process requires you to complete documents drafted by the Government. You will also need to ensure that any person purchasing the park home is able to comply with the park rules in force at that time, specifically any rules relating to age, pets or vehicles.

Further information on selling a park home can be found on the LEASE website or the Government website. Our Residents page also provides all the forms required to sell your homeplease click here.

Upon completion of the sale of your park home, the purchaser will be required to pay the park owner a commission at a rate not exceeding that prescribed by the Secretary of State in a set of Regulations. Currently this rate is set at 10% of the purchase price of the park home.

An Energy Performance Certificate is not required to sell a park home.

Yes. The Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended, requires you to follow a set procedure. This procedure requires you to complete forms drafted by the Government. You must ensure that any person you propose to gift your park home to complies with the legal definition of a family member contained in the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and with the park’s rules, specifically in relation to age, pets and vehicles.

All of forms you will need to complete can be found in our Residents section.

All new homes are sold with a 10-year warranty, commencing on the date of manufacture. The warranty will be provided by either Gold Shield Warranty or Platinum Seal, depending on the original manufacturer of your park home. Should you experience any problems with your new home, our After Sales Coordinator will liaise with the warranty provider and help you to resolve them. Further information regarding the two warranty providers can be found in our Residents section.

Yes, pets are allowed on our parks. The type and number of pets and animals permitted will depend on the individual park. We recommend that you check the park rules for the specific park you are interested in, which are available to view and download from the individual park homepages. Click here to find the park you’re interested in.

Your children and grandchildren are, of course, very welcome to visit and stay with you for short periods of time.

All our parks have a minimum age limit for home owners of either 45 or 50. Please check the park rules for the individual park you are interested in to ascertain its age limit – click here. Anyone below this age limit will not be permitted to reside in a park home as their only or main residence.

All park homes on our sites are built to British Standard BS3632.  The manufacturers we work with advise their park homes are now built to last at least 50 years. We have some homes on our park which were built in the 1970’s and are still occupied and going strong!

Every local authority has differing rules on single occupancy, Turners Parks Group have no involvement or influence with these rules so would encourage prospective residents to contact the relevant local authority for the park to make their own enquiries. The relevant local authority for the park(s) you are interested in can be advised by any member of our sales team.

Should a home need to be wheelchair accessible, the Salesperson can go through the specification of the home with you and adjust the design to meet your requirements. This can include amending a bathroom to a wet room, widening doors for easy accessibility, ramped access instead of steps etc. Depending on whether the home is a stock unit or you are designing your own home there may or may not be additional costs involved in these changes.